Asperger Syndrome

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Author: Michael Emlet


Meeting the Challenges with Hope

As more and more children are diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, more of us need answers about how to help them with the social struggles and communication difficulties that are part of this neurological disorder. 

Michael R. Emlet looks at the Christian's call to love others in a way that understands AS behavior and deals wisely with the spiritual challenges of an AS person's life. He points believers to the inherent dignity and usefulness of every member of the body of Christ and to the value of the different people who make up the church.

About the author:

Michael Emlet is a Counselor and Faculty Member at CCEF, and Director of School of Biblical Counseling (Onsite), CCEF. Dr. Emlet practiced as a family physician for 12 years before joining CCEF; He is married with two children. B.A. Biology, University of Pennsylvania; M.D. University of Pennsylvania; M.Div., Westminster Theological Seminary.

He is the author of Crosstalk as well as several other works.