Cómo administrar la vida para mujeres ocupadas (Life Management for Busy Women)

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Author: Elizabeth George


Vive el plan de Dios con pasión y propósito

Al seguir el plan de Dios para aprovechar al máximo tu tiempo, llegarás a conocer la belleza, la sencillez, y el poder de una vida llevada de acuerdo con los principios y propósitos de Dios. 


Living Out God's Plan with Passion and Purpose

Do you feel as though you're forever falling behind in your schedule? Do you long for your life to be simpler and more focused? Are you wondering about your purpose in life - if perhaps you've missed it?

You're not alone - these are the concerns that tug at the hearts of many women today. And author Elizabeth George, a busy woman herself, can identify completely. Through the years, she has looked to God's Word for answers about a woman's priorities and purpose in life, and in this book she shares her discoveries, including...

- God's guidelines for managing the seven major areas of your life (your spiritual life, your body, your finances, your friendships, and more)

- Practical disciplines for managing your life more efficiently and effectively.

- How-to ideas for improving your schedule and life right away.

About the author: 

Elizabeth George is the author of several books. She’s taught high school and college students and currently teaches and speaks at Christian events worldwide. Elizabeth and her husband, Jim, have two married daughters.