Preparing Children for Marriage

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Author: Josh Mulvihill


How to Teach God's Good Design for Marriage, Sex, Purity, and Dating

“My kids are way too young to be thinking about dating and marriage already! Why would I begin ‘the talk’ now, before they’ve even started asking questions?”

Many parents find it difficult to broach these topics with their children, especially in age-appropriate ways. But our choice is no longer between teaching them now or later—if we do not reach them first, our culture is happy to step in with messages of its own. Someone is going to shape our children’s beliefs—so the time to start biblical conversations is now!

In this foundation-laying book, Josh Mulvihill offers theological training for a critical area of parenting. He walks parents through how to begin conversations, then teaches them God’s purpose for dating, marriage, and sex so they can pass this teaching on to their children.

The Bible says children are never too young to learn God’s plan for this area of their lives . . . so prepare yourself to prepare them for one of the most important decisions they will ever make.


About the author:

Josh Mulvihill is the executive director of church and family ministry at Renewanation, which trains children to develop a biblical worldview. He has also served as a pastor for nearly twenty years and is a founding member of the Legacy Coalition and Roots Kids Worship. He is the author of Biblical Grandparenting and the Rooted Kids curriculum and is the editor of Equipping Grandparents. Josh is married to Jen, and they have five children.


“Wow! What a great book to empower parents to have early-and-often discussions with their children about love, sex, and marriage.”  ~Scott Turansky, Cofounder, National Center for Biblical Parenting

“Josh Mulvihill has given parents an invaluable resource to help them present a biblical worldview of sexuality, marriage, and dating to their children.” ~Marty Machowski, Family Life Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania; Author, The Ology