El Dolor de la Pérdida (Grief: Finding Hope Again)

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Autor: Paul Tripp


Cómo Recuperar la Esperanza

Sin importar las circunstancias, la muerte nos afecta profundamente. ¡Parece tan mal, y lo es! Anhelamos consuelo, pero no sabemos dónde buscar. ¿Puede Dios realmente ayudar cuando estamos abrumados por el dolor? Con compasión y sabiduría bíblica, Paul David Tripp nos muestra cómo pensar y qué hacer cuando la muerte entra en nuestra puerta. Él nos recuerda que tenemos un Salvador que conoce nuestras penas, escucha nuestros gritos, y promete un día limpiar todas las lágrimas. La esperanza y la sanación provienen de nuestra relación con Jesús, Aquel que promete acompañarnos durante todo el camino a través del valle de la sombra de la muerte.


No matter what the circumstances, death shakes us to the core. It seems so wrong - and it is! We long for comfort, but we don't know where to find it in the Bible. What help does God offer in our grief?

With compassion and biblical wisdom, Paul David Tripp shows us how to think and what to do when death enters our door. He reminds us that God often brings the most wonderful things out of the darkest experiences, just as he did at the cross.

Christians have the most reason to grieve - and the most reason to hope. We have a Savior who knows our sorrows, a God who hears our cries, and a promise that one day all tears will be wiped away. These reasons lead us to hope even as we grieve.

About the author:

Dr. Paul David Tripp is President of Paul Tripp Ministries; author of several books; on the pastoral staff of Tenth Presbyterian Church (Philadelphia, PA); Professor of Pastoral Life and Care at Redeemer Seminary (Dallas, TX); and Director of the Center for Pastoral Life and Care (Fort Worth, TX).  Dr. Tripp has taught at respected institutions worldwide; founded a Christian school; served as a counselor; international conference speaker.  He is married with four children; B.A., Columbia International University; M.Div., Philadelphia Theological Seminary; D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary.

His books include What Did You Expect; Forever; Sex & Money; Age of Opportunity; War of Words; Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands; as well as other works.