Changed Into His Image - Student Edition

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Author: Jim Berg


God's Plan for Transforming Your Life

The Christian life is about a relationship with God. It is not primarily about do's and don'ts. We cannot know God "on the run" any more than we can know another person that way. Relationships require enormous amounts of time devoted to personal interaction with the other person.

This special youth edition combines a shortened and simplified text of its parent book, Changed Into His Image, with the interactivity of a workbook. It is set up for the teen to cover each chapter of the book in a week. Each week is broken down into five days of devotional reading and questions for each chapter. Special instructions are provided at the end of the book for its use in small groups of individual discipleship. It also makes an excellent home schooling Bible resource on the high-school level. 

About the author:

Jim Berg received his undergraduate degree in Bible in 1974, and his MA degree in theology in 1976 from Bob Jones University. He has an honorary doctor of divinity degree from Tabernacle Baptist Theological Seminary. He served as dean of students at BJU from 1981 to 2010. Today he teaches in the BJU Seminary and  tinkers on his old Volkswagen, Willie.