Track 6 CD Set - 2019 Biblical Counseling Training Conference

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Author: Faith Church

These are sessions from Track 6 of the Biblical Counseling Training Conference hosted by Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. 

People are looking for the hope that there are answers for their hurts, their difficulties, and the challenges they face. Since 1985, the Biblical Counseling Training Conference has been equipping ministry professionals and lay leaders to skillfully, confidently, and lovingly minister God's Word to those looking for answers.

Track 6 is specifically designed to address women's issues.

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The 2019 Track 6 Sessions include:

  • Be Still and Know
  • Case Study on Grace: Parenting #1
  • Case Study on Grace: Parenting #2
  • Case Study: Helping Ladies With Destructive Habits
  • Case Study: Helping Ladies With Eating Disorders
  • Counseling Different Generations of Women
  • Counseling Women to be Godly Wives
  • Desires That Are Too Small
  • Difficult Case of Ruth: A Story of God's Power and Mercy
  • Helping Counselees Struggling With Godly Submission
  • Helping Counselees Who Must Care for Their Parents
  • Helping Hurting Women: Dos and Don'ts for the Counselor
  • Helping Ladies Who are Burned Out With All Their Responsibilities
  • Helping Parents Whose Child Is Being Bullied
  • Helping Those Struggling With Doubt
  • Helping Those Who Parent Alone
  • Helping Women Going Through a Divorce
  • Helping Women Make Godly Choices
  • Helping Women Struggling With Depression
  • Helping Women who Struggle With Pornography
  • How Christ Transforms My Singleness
  • How to Minister to the Self Righteous Counselee
  • I Just Can't Forgive Myself: Counseling Those Who Struggle to Embrace Forgiveness
  • Insecurity and Self-Hate
  • Integrity: Does it Matter in the Life of the Counselor?
  • Longing For An Identity
  • Ministering to the Sexually Abused
  • Modesty: More Than a Change of Clothes
  • More of the Most Common Diagrams I Use in Counseling
  • Never at Rest
  • Patience: Working on God's Timetable
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Sex and Sexual Problems in Marriage
  • Soul Crushing: Experiencing Miscarriage and Infertility
  • Taking the Gospel to the City
  • Teaching Counselees to Have a Meaningful Prayer Life
  • Technology for Accountability and Discipleship
  • Trouble of Seeing and Trusting Jesus Christ