Christian Counselor's Manual

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Author: Jay Adams


The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling.

The Christian Counselor's Manual is a companion and sequel volume to the author's influential Competent to Counsel. It takes the approach of nouthetic counseling introduced in the earlier volume and applies it to a wide range of issues, topics, and techniques in counseling:

- Who is qualified to be a counselor?
- How can counselees change?
- How does the Holy Spirit work?
- What role does hope play?
- What is the function of language?
- How do we ask the right questions?
- What often lies behind depression?
- How do we deal with anger?
- What is schizophrenia?

These and hundreds more questions are answered in this comprehensive resource for the Christian counselor. A full set of indexes, a detailed table of contents, and a full complement of diagrams and forms make this one of the best reference books currently available for Christian counselors.

About the author:

Jay Adams is a noted author, speaker, and former pastor and professor; past president of ACBC; married with four children and ten grandchildren; A.B., Greek, Johns Hopkins University; B.D., Reformed Episcopal Seminary; S.T.M., Homiletics, Temple University School of Theology; post-graduate work at Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Missouri; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Psychology, University of Illinois.


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Scott 29th Jan 2015

Helpful wisdom from a pioneer

There have been many helpful books on biblical counseling written since Jay Adams wrote this book. And in some ways, the book has become dated. However, many of the current books on counseling address only "big idea" stuff without addressing practical, nitty-gritty aspects of a counseling session. Though Adams can at times state his opinion perhaps a little too strongly, I find this book particularly valuable for it's "assume you know next to nothing" practical approach. Adams' words still ring true and (largely) applicable to our culture, though some of the issues may have shifted slightly. A very helpful tool!

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