Libertad de la Culpa (Freedom from Guilt)

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Autor: Timothy Lane


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¿Estás viviendo bajo una nube de culpa que no puedes disipar, sin importar lo que hagas? ¿Te sientes culpable por todo constantemente? Todos tenemos distintas maneras de lidiar con nuestros sentimientos de culpa, pero ninguna funciona demasiado tiempo.

Timothy S. Lane explica que nuestras estrategias para manejar la culpa no funcionan porque la culpa no es simplemente una sensación desagradable. Es un verdadero problema entre nosotros y Dios. Depender de Jesús para que restaure tu relación con Dios es la única manera de ser realmente libre de la culpa y la vergüenza que te agobian. Descubre cómo alcanzar el perdón y la libertad que Jesús te ofrece.


Are you living under a cloud of guilt that you can't seem to shake no matter what you do? Do you feel guilty about everything, all the time? We all have different ways of dealing with our guilty feelings, but none of them work for very long.

Timothy S. Lane explains that our strategies for dealing with guilt don't work because guilt is not just a bad feeling. It's a real problem between us and God. Depending on Jesus to restore your relationship with God is the only way to be truly free from the guilt and shame that weighs you down. Discover how to step into the forgiveness and freedom that Jesus offers you.

About the author:

Timothy S. Lane, M.Div., D.Min. has been a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America since 1991 (PCA) and is the coauthor of the books How People Change and Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, coauthor of the curricula Change and Your Relationships and How People Change, and author of many minibooks.

Tim has 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry, counseling, teaching and executive leadership. Tim is also adjunct professor of practical theology at several seminaries including Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. He speaks nationally and internationally, consults with churches and writes about the importance of pastoral care.