Mentiras Que los Hombres Creen (Lies Men Believe)

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Autor: Robert Wolgemuth

Como un cazador experimentado, nuestro enemigo usa mentiras para atraparnos. Cada mentira que creemos nos hace sentir dolor, perder o herir las relaciones, y perdernos la vida abundante que Dios quiere que tengamos. Mentiras que los hombres creen expone las mentiras que los hombres creen comúnmente, y te muestra cómo combatir esas mentiras con la verdad.


el Autor:

Robert Wolgemuth es autor de éxitos de venta y ex presidente de ECPA, la Asociación Evangélica de Editores Cristianos. Wolgemuth es autor de más de veinte libros y ha estado en la industria editorial por más de cuarenta años.


You are being hunted.

Like a seasoned angler, our enemy opens his tackle box and selects the lure most likely to attract his intended prey—usually the one you and I are least likely to consider harmful. Each lie we bite on causes us to feel pain, lose or injure relationships, and miss out on the abundant life that God wants us to have. Lies Men Believe exposes the lies that men most commonly believe, and shows you how to combat those lies with the truth.

Lies like:

  • Pleasure and Entertainment Can Truly Satisfy Me
  • If I Mean Well, That's Good Enough
  • If I Discipline My Children, They'll Rebel.
  • I'm Measured by How I Compare with Other Men.

Find out how lies are holding you back from freedom, joy, and intimacy with God and others. Discover the power of the truth. Because once you fully embrace the truth, nothing is ever the same.

About the author:

Robert Wolgemuth has been in the media business for thirty-nine years. He is former president of Thomas Nelson Publishers and the owner of Wolgemuth & Associates, Inc., a literary agency exclusively representing the writing work of more than one hundred authors. Dr. Wolgemuth is a 1969 graduate of Taylor University, where he received an honorary doctorate in May 2005. Dr. Wolgemuth is married to Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and has two grown daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren.