Redime tu Pasado Doloroso (Redeeming Your Painful Past)

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Autor: Steve Viars


Gracia para el Presente, Esperanza para el Futuro

¿Alguna vez sientes que tu pasado te persigue? Tal vez se trate de un error que cometiste y que no se puede corregir, o de algo que te hicieron y que es imposible deshacer. Ves a diario los efectos que tiene sobre tu vida, pero no sabes cómo seguir adelante. A veces, te las arreglas para olvidarte de eso durante un tiempo, pero te parece que nunca puedes librarte por completo.

Stephen Viars habla de las diversas maneras en que el pasado puede influir en el presente, y revela cómo el evangelio trae perdón, sanidad y esperanza. Al señalar cómo Cristo redimió tu pasado y te ofrece gracia en el presente, Viars brinda perspectivas útiles para saber cómo puedes avanzar con libertad.

Do you ever feel like your past is haunting you? Maybe it's a mistake you made that can't be made right or something that was done to you that can never be undone. You see the effects of it in your daily life, but struggle to know how to move forward. Sometimes you manage to forget for awhile, but it feels like you are never completely free of it.

Stephen Viars walks through the various ways the past can influence you in the present and unpacks how the gospel brings forgiveness, healing, and hope. By pointing out how Christ has redeemed your past and offers grace in the present, he offers helpful insights into how you can move forward in freedom.

About the author:

Steve Viars is the Senior Pastor of Faith Church (Lafayette, IN);  ACBC Fellow and board member; Biblical Counseling Coalition board member; Vision Of Hope board member; instructor and counselor at Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries; married with three children; B.S., Bible, Baptist Bible College (Clarks Summit, PA); M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary; D.Min., Biblical Counseling, Westminster Theological Seminary.

He is the author of Putting Your Past in Its Place; Loving Your Community; Overcoming Bitterness; Do You Believe What God Says about You? as well as several other works.