Track 3 MP3 Set - 2021 Biblical Counseling Training Conference

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Author: Faith Church

These are sessions from Track 3 of the Biblical Counseling Training Conference hosted by Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. 

People are looking for the hope that there are answers for their hurts, their difficulties, and the challenges they face. Since 1985, the Biblical Counseling Training Conference has been equipping ministry professionals and lay leaders to skillfully, confidently, and lovingly minister God's Word to those looking for answers.

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The 2021 titles include:

  • ADHD
  • Because He Loves Me
  • Blessing of Disappointed Expectations in Marriage
  • Cheap Comfort of Self Pity vs. the Deep Sovereignty of God
  • Children of Divorce
  • Counseling Coercive Controlling Husbands
  • Counseling People with a Divorce in Their Past
  • Counseling Teens in Sexual Sin
  • Counseling the Most Difficult with Truth and Grace
  • Counseling the Sexually Abused
  • Counseling the Whole Person: 5 Point Discipleship Tool
  • Counselor's Study of God's Word
  • Developing a Mentoring Program
  • Dynamic Heart in Daily Life
  • Financial Counseling: Connecting the Gospel to the Wallet
  • Five Favorite Passages in Counseling
  • Helping Counselees Overcome Bitterness
  • Helping Counselees Walk According to the Spirit
  • How Idolatry Robs Us of God's Grace
  • How Sexual History Impacts a Marriage
  • How to Ask the Next Question
  • Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
  • Let God Be God
  • Listening: A Key Skill for Counselors
  • Longing for an Identity
  • Making Much of God in Counseling
  • Ministering to the Parents with a Prodigal
  • Post Abortive Counseling
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Putting Your Past in Its Place
  • Renewing Our Minds One Thought at a Time
  • Role That Deception Plays in Stimulating Idolatry
  • Similarities and Differences in Counseling Addicts
  • Staying Alive Spiritually
  • Teaching Counselors to Minister and Not Dispense the Word

In order to provide the best possible sound quality, you will receive the edited and sound checked version of the sessions, which may mean sessions taught in a previous year.