Fool Moon Rising

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Author: Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty

Through this illustrated tale about the moon stealing the sun's glory, children learn about the importance of humility and the dangers of pride.

This rhyming, rollicking tale tells of a crime of cosmic proportions: the moon, blinded by pride, fails to see the true source of his abilities--the light provided by the sun. He boasts of his ability to shine, to change shape throughout each month, and to swell the tides. One day, overwhelmed by a piercing ray of sunshine, the moon repents of his pride and changes his ways, and from that point on he is happy to reflect the sun's light.

This beautifully illustrated book introduces the concept of humility to children. Readers will be reminded that everything we have, including our gifts and talents, is from God. Just as the moon learns to boast only of the sun, children--and their parents--learn that to boast of anything other than the Son is utter foolishness.


About the authors:

Kristi and T. Lively Fluharty live in Prior Lake, MN, with their five daughters. T. Lively (Tom) is an illustrator whose artwork has appeared in numerous publications. Kristi holds a BA in technical journalism and currently homeschools their children, teaches Sunday school, and teaches swimming lessons.


"As a grandpa, I treasure books I can share with my grandchildren, books that are both theologically informed and beautifully illustrated. Unfortunately, these can be scarce. Fool Moon Rising is a rare find: a children's book that describes how understanding the greatness of God transforms proud hearts into humble ones--something that can happen only in the shadow of the cross. I'm looking forward to reading it with my grandkids." ~C. J. Mahaney, Sovereign Grace Ministries