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Author: Ken Sande


A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict

A Scripture-directed guide to conflict resolution, offering hope for peace in almost every conflict situation a person might encounter in relationships, work, or ministry.

About the author:

Ken Sande is president of Peacemaker Ministries and author of the bestselling The Peacemaker. He regularly conciliates business, family, and church disputes and serves as a consultant to pastors and attorneys as they work to resolve conflicts outside the courtroom. Sande conducts seminars on biblical conflict resolution and lives in Montana.


"Of the enormous body of literature dealing with conflict resolution and its allied problems, this treatment is the most concrete and helpful I have yet to find." ~Vernon Grounds, Denver Seminary

"'Blessed are the peacemakers,' said Jesus. With crystal clarity this manual lays before us the wisdom--the real, solid, biblical, spiritual, personal, pastoral, down-to-earth, heart-searching wisdom--that leads humble souls into that blessing." ~J. I. Packer, Regent College

"Christians are called to be peacemakers in the name of the Prince of Peace. Today's litigious society represents a tremendous challenge for Christian faithfulness. This generation of believers is called to a higher accountability and to authentic Christian peacemaking and reconciliation. Ken Sande shows the way in The Peacemaker as he demonstrates the biblical roots, theological substance, and moral imperative of peacemaking. All pastors and Christian leaders should read this book and help the body of Christ to affirm it's principles." ~R. Albert Mohler, Jr.

"When we consider the promise Jesus made to the peacemakers in Matthew 5:9, the importance of the task is staggering. Of people alive and writing today, I know of no more reliable guide for peacemaking in church and family than Ken Sande." ~John Piper, pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church

"For over a decade, this book has been the 'go to' guide for biblical conflict resolution. I've used it publicly in small groups and Sunday school and privately in counseling and in my own life. And now Ken Sande has made it even better by sharing his experiences as a conciliator, bringing us rich real life stories and Christ-centered truth. I've been immensely thankful for this practical, God-honoring, cross-exalting book for years, and now it's more valuable than ever. Better buy two copies, because if you're like me, you'll be giving one away soon." ~Elyse Fitzpatrick, counselor and author

"The revised edition of The Peacemaker has made a fine book even better. It provides God's people with what I consider to be the best guidebook I've ever seen on how Christians should resolve conflicts. The material is based on Scripture and keeps the glory of God uppermost. I especially like the authors' emphasis on the role of the local church in dealing with conflict. Every pastor ought to read this book and share it with the leaders of the church. It ought to be a textbook in every Bible school and seminary." ~Warren Wiersbe 


"This biblical guide to resolving personal conflict is very practical and well-written. It can help you resolve conflicts with family, children, and even a former spouse."--Parenting Solo News (June-August 1999)

"The Peacemaker is not a new book (although its current, second edition is new), but it's one that has been taken from my bookshelf time and time again over the years. It's one that has been a great asset to me, not only in working in the area of apologetics and related counseling, but in my role and leadership of my own church family. It's a work that goes well beyond helpfulness and practicality because of its biblical framework. It's a volume that needs wider exposure, that needs to be read and digested, that needs to be applied. . . . The book is flavored with helpful and easy-to-remember guidelines. . . . From minor disagreements to major conflicts that have escalated into legal circles, Sande has most all the bases covered. I dare say this is the definitive work for the Christian providing solid biblical answers and actions on the topic of conflict resolution. It is a book not only for church leaders and apologists, but for every Christian. It is one not just for a bookshelf, but to be employed to the glory of God."--Personal Freedom Outreach (Spring 1999)


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Sydney Millage 5th Oct 2016

Got Conflict?

Like most biblically-sound books, this one is convicting enough that it took a while to work through. Ken Sande objectively presents the truths of Scripture while probing heart issues and thought patterns that lead to conflict--then provides Scriptural truth and principles for hope and change. This is a must for anyone who experiences conflict in relationships (!).

Brenda, Driggs, Idaho 28th Feb 2014


This is a wonderful book, and it will really challenge you to examine your relationships and how you deal with conflict. Great resource!

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