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Author: Susan Lutz


Even When It Hurts

Is God asking too much when He calls us to be thankful even in the midst of trials?

Sue Lutz helps us see that being thankful does not mean ignoring painful realities. It means bringing our trials to a God who loves us and sent His Son to be our Savior.

What results from a thankful heart?
- A stronger relationship with God.
- Protection from life's spiritual hazards.
- Intimate connection and communicaiton with the Heavenly Father.


Reviews (3)

Connie Champeon, Grand Rapids, Michigan 25th Apr 2014

Suicidal, self-harming, chronic pain, abused and you pick Thankfulness?!

I'm counseling a young woman who loves God but struggles with so many things. I picked up a bunch of booklets while at the conference that I thought might be of help to her. This was not one of them but was in with the others. It was the first one she picked! Not the ones on sexual abuse, self-harm, depression, suicide or dealing with chronic pain. But she said it has been so much help. She's read it and read it and keeps replacing it because her other family members keep taking her copy! It is definitely one of the first booklets I'll use in similar situations in the future.

Anonymous, Portland, Oregon 28th Feb 2014


This is a great little booklet to help counselees begin to see their circumstances in a whole different light. Thankfulness should be our knee jerk reaction in any situation and begin to set our minds to thinking aright in order for us to see God in the trial. This book is succint and clear and helps one to get moving in the right direction in our hearts/minds.

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