Heart of Anger

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Author: Lou Priolo


Practical Help for the Prevention and Cure of Anger in Children

Anger! Is it ever a problem in your home? Do your children ever speak to you in angry, disrespectful tones? Do they ever fight between themselves? Have you ever lost your patience and composure when dealing with an infuriating situation in the home?

If you honestly answered "yes" to any of these questions, you need this book. Christian families, especially those in which the children are home for most of the day, experience episodes of frustration and anger. This book deals with anger's root causes, offering corrective advice from a biblical perspective.

About the author:

Lou Priolo is the founder and president of Competent to Counsel International and is an instructor with Birmingham Theological Seminary. He has been a full-time biblical counselor since 1985 and is a fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Lou has been married to his wife, Kim, since 1987 and has two daughters, Sophia and Gabriella.


"I know of no other book that addresses this problem with such practical and biblical wisdom." ~John MacArthur.

“An extremely readable and practical book about a problem frequently encountered but too rarely addressed. There is nothing else like it. Counselors will want their own copy as well as others to give away. Pastors will put it in their libraries. Parents will devour it! Christian children will benefit from it. It is a book whose time has come.”  ~Jay Adams