Helps for Counselors

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Author: Jay Adams


A Mini-Manual for Christian Counseling.

A collection of helpful hints and how-tos, covering all aspects of counseling, what to look for, and how to proceed. A Scripture reference guide is included.

This concise guide serves as a quick review of counseling techniques. It will aid in preparation before a counseling session; help locate a Scripture passage, gather data, or indicate the direction in which to move during a session; and give guidance in summarizing what happened, locating possible causes of failure, and planning the next session after the counseling has taken place.

The helps include:

Quick Check List
Some Don'ts in Counseling
Fifty Failure Factors
Suggested Counselor Responses to Typical Counselee Remarks
Data Gathering
Question Asking
Counseling Outlines for Fifty Basic Problem Areas
Counselor's Topical Worklist with Select Scripture References (Sixty Topics)
The Christian Counselor's Quick Reference Chart to Ten Common Problems

Abouot the author:

Jay Adams (1929-2020) was a noted author, speaker, pastor and professor; he served as a president of ACBC; was devoted to his wife, four children and ten grandchildren; A.B., Greek, Johns Hopkins University; B.D., Reformed Episcopal Seminary; S.T.M., Homiletics, Temple University School of Theology; post-graduate work at Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Missouri; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Psychology, University of Illinois.