Moody Handbook of Theology - 25th Anniversary Edition

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Author: Paul Enns


Revised and Expanded

The Moody Handbook of Theology leads the beginner into the appreciation and understanding of this essential field of study. It introduces the reader to the five dimensions that provide a comprehensive view of theology: biblical, systematic, historical, dogmatic and contemporary.

The apostle Paul wrote that all Scripture is "profitable for teaching" (2 Tim. 3:16), that Timothy should "pay close attention to...your teaching" (1 Tim. 4:16), and that leaders should "be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict" (Titus 1:9). When he wrote these statements, Paul was referring to theology. Beyond giving basic definitions and general descriptions, author Paul Enns summarized the substantial features of theology. In this way, he provides a concise doctrinal reference tool for the newcomer as well as the seasoned scholar seeking a refresher. There are fifty-five informative charts located at strategic points throughout the book.

Table of Contents

PART 1: Biblical Theology 
1. Introduction to Biblical Theology 
2. Introduction to Old Testament Theology 
3. Theology of the Edenic Era 
4. Theology of the Noahic Era 
5. Theology of the Patriarchal Era
6. Theology of the Mosaic Era 
7. Theology of the Monarchical Era
8. Theology of the Prophetic Era
9. Introduction to New Testament Theology 
10. Theology of the Synoptics 
11. Theology of Acts 
12. Theology of James 
13. Theology of Paul 
14. Theology of Hebrews 
15. Theologies of Peter and Jude 
16. Theology of John 

PART 2: Systematic Theology
17. Introduction to Systematic Theology 
18. Bibliology: Doctrine of the Bible 
19. Theology Proper: Doctrine of God 
20. Christology: Doctrine of Christ 
21. Pneumatology: Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
22. Angelology: Doctrines of Angels, Satan, and Demons 
23. Anthropology and Hamartiology: Doctrines of Man and Sin 
24. Soteriology: Doctrine of Salvation 
25. Ecclesiology: Doctrine of the Church 
26. Eschatology: Doctrine of Last Things

PART 3: Historical Theology
27. Introduction to Historical Theology 
28. Ancient Theology 
29. Medieval Theology 
30. Reformation Theology 
31. Modern Theology 

PART 4: Dogmatic Theology
32. Introduction to Dogmatic Theology 
33. Calvinistic Theology 
34. Arminian Theology 
35. Covenant Theology 
36. Dispensational Theology 
37. Dogmatic Roman Catholic Theology 

PART 5: Contemporary Theology
38. Introduction to Contemporary Theology 
39. Liberal Theology 
40. Neo-Orthodox Theology 
41. Radical Theologies 
42. Historicist Theologies 
43. Socialist Theologies 
44. Catholic Theology 
45. Conservative Theology
46. Evangelical Feminism
47. Charismatic Theology
48. The Emerging Church


About the author:

Paul Enns (B.R.E., Winnipeg Bible College; Th.M., Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) ministers at Idlewild Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida and serves as a professor and the director of the Tampa Extension, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dr. Enns has also taught at Northwestern College in Minneapolis, and at both Dallas and Talbot Theological Seminaries. He is the author of twelve books including The Moody Handbook of Theology and Approaching God. Dr. Enns has two sons with his beloved and late wife, Helen.