Pregnancy Crisis

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Author: Camille Cates


This Wasn't the Plan

You recently received some unexpected news. Maybe you took a pregnancy test hoping it would be negative, but it was positive. Or perhaps you and your spouse or partner were excited about having a baby together, yet a visit to your OB/GYN brought some sobering news—a poor health prognosis for you or your baby.A life-altering choice is ahead of you. Perhaps you have said to yourself, “I’m not sure I can have this baby.”  

Counselor Camille Cates wants you to know that God is not dismissive of the situation you now face. He sees you and every single detail of your life and your baby’s life—past, present, and future. God knows the details of the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy. He will give you the wisdom and guidance you need to walk through this unexpected path if you will seek his help. God has a plan for both of you, a plan for you to flourish as you come to know him and walk with him. You can look to Jesus today because he loves you and cares for you. 


About the author:

Camille Cates is a biblical counselor and a public speaker with a passion for ministering to women in crisis. She has written and spoken extensively on the topics of pregnancy care ministry, post-abortion trauma counseling, sexual abuse, and God's design for sex and sexualityShe is the author of Moving Forward after Abortion and the minibook Pregnancy CrisisCamille and her husband, Troy, have three adult children and reside in the metro Cincinnati, OH area.