Preparing for Motherhood

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Author: Barbara Miller Juliani


The Inside Scoop on Your New Job

You're expecting the arrival of a new little one any day. You've done your best to prepare, but you still have questions. Am I ready for this? Will I be a good mother? What if I make a mistake? Will my baby be okay?

With the wisdom of experience, Barbara Miller Juliani helps you untangle the sources of your worries and leads you to Christ as the one who cares and provides for you and your baby. Offering helpful Scriptures to guide your mind and heart, she walks you through many of the practical realities of motherhood that provide opportunities to grow in faith and to trust God with your child.

About the author:

Barbara Miller Juliani, MS, is an author, editor, Bible teacher, and retreat speaker. She wrote Come Back Barbara with her father, C. John "Jack" Miller, and edited a book of his letters,The Heart of a Servant Leader. She is also the editorial director for New Growth Press. Her husband Angelo is the church planter of Bridge Community Church, Cheltenham, PA. The have four children, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.