Forging a Strong Mother-Daughter Bond

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Author: Leslie Vernick


Beyond Manipulation and Control

Moms want to be close to their daughters. Daughters (for the most part) want a good relationship with their moms. But when that relationship is strained by one person's attempt to control and manipulate, closeness is replaced by hurt, disappointment, anger, and fear.

Leslie Vernick shares two stories of moms and daughters who learned how to move beyond the cycle of manipulation and control and give and share love honestly and without fear. By revealing how Christ calls and empowers us to love, she offers hope and practical help in breaking these destructive patterns of relating.

About the author:

Leslie Vernick, LCSW, is a counselorwith over thirty years of counseling experience. The author of How to Act Right when Your Spouse Acts Wrong, Leslie currently serves on the Board of Directors for several outreach ministries and has taught in many places around the globe. Leslie and her husband, Howard, have been married for over thirty-seven years, have two adult children, and love being grandparents.