If You Ever Meet a Grown-up Bully

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Author: David Lee

Illustrator: Abby Powell


Protecting Your Children from Predators

Bullies are to be found in many places, so it is important to be vigilant and avoid being taken advantage of. We can do things to alert our children to the dangers they may encounter. In the first part of this short book, David Lee simply, carefully, and gently warns younger readers about the risks of being abused, and what they should do if another person—whether a teenager or an adult—tries to get them to do something inappropriate. The second part provides wise and practical guidelines to adults on what to do if a child reports an incident or pattern of abuse.

About the author:

David Bradford Lee and his wife, Felicia, serve the Lord as missionaries in Romania, where they have gained experience in ministering to abused children. Their ministry is specialized in counseling and training families, including training all adoptive families in Brasov County, Romania, where they live. David and Felicia have been blessed with four children. More information about their work and how to contact them is found at romaniankids.org.

About the Illustrator:

Abby Powell is an emerging artist and illustrator presently studying at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.


“If You Ever Meet a Grown-up Bully” is a great little book. I wish I had it when my children were small, growing up in a world of ever-increasing perversity. It is clear, concise, and centered on truth and the gospel. A parent or another adult has a tool with which he can help a child. It is clear without too many details. The tone is kind, comforting, and user friendly. Get a copy and use it with the children in your sphere of influence.  ~George C. Scipione, Formerly Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary