Ecclesiastes - God's Sovereignty in the Midst of Life

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Author: Kevin Carson


This session considers the relationship between the sovereignty of God and how it is lived out in the midst of life's circumstances. Solomon, as the wisest person to ever live, strived to make sense out of his circumstances. His pursuit of understanding life provides for the counselor and the counselee vital principles for living to God's glory in the midst of life as well. This session provides answers from the book of Ecclesiastes to some of life's biggest questions: "Why do bad things happen to good people?" "Why can't I figure life out?" "What is God's purpose for my life?" and "How should I view death and dying?" For the counselor, "What should be my agenda for my counselee in his/her present situation?" These are a few of several questions considered in this session along with counseling tips for the counselor. 

This is a session from the Biblical Counseling Training Conference hosted by Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana. 

People are looking for the hope that there are answers for their hurts, their difficulties, and the challenges they face. Since 1985, the Biblical Counseling Training Conference has been equipping ministry professionals and lay leaders to skillfully, confidently, and lovingly minister God's Word to those looking for answers.

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About the speaker: 

Kevin Carson is Department Chair of Biblical Counseling at BBC/GS (Springfield, MO); Pastor of Sonrise Baptist Church; ACBC certified; council member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition; counselor at Sonrise Biblical Counseling Ministry; conference speaker; married with four children; B.A., Pastoral Theology, Baptist Bible College (Springfield), M. Div., Baptist Bible Graduate School (Springfield); D. Min., Biblical Counseling, Westminster Theological Seminary.