Art of Aging

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Author: Howard Eyrich & Judy Dabler


A Christian Handbook

This is a practical resource for answering the following questions:
How is God involved in Aging?
How Do I prepare to Grow Old?
How do I care for aging parents?
How do I choose a nursing home?
How do I access social help?

About the authors:

Howard Eyrich serves as Pastor of Counseling Ministries at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He is also the Director of the D.Min. program in Biblical Counseling at Birmingham Theological Seminary. In forty-eight years of ministry, he has been privileged to teach at three seminaries and two colleges and he started a biblical counseling department in two of those schools. In addition, he has worked in four churches directing the counseling ministries. Howard writes a weekly blog on marriage and family issues. Howard and Pamela Jayne have been married for almost fifty years and have two adult children.

Judy Dabler is the founder of Live at Peace Ministries and works nationally and internationally as a mediator, counselor, educator, conference speaker, and consultant assisting families, churches, and organizations in conflict and crisis. Judy holds a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Judy has ten years of experience teaching counseling-related courses at the seminary level, and has completed forty-two hours of doctoral-level courses in education at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Judy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (Missouri) and a Certified Christian Conciliator through Peacemaker Ministries.