God Empowered Wife

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Author: K. B. Haught


How Strong Women Can Help Their Husbands Become Godly Leaders

How does a wife follow a husband who isn't leading?

One of the deepest desires of Christian wives is the longing for their husbands to overcome sin and become godly leaders of their families. It's a yearning made all the more painful when their husbands, so often charming and cheerful in public, become withdrawn or self-absorbed at home, more interested in anything than spending quality time together.

The God Empowered Wife is a study for strong, independent wives who want to understand how they may be hindering the work God wants to do in their husband's heart. Through the practical, modern application of biblical principles, you'll learn to use your courage and intelligence to work with God, and watch your marriage come to loving and joyful life.

Table of Contents:

SECTION 1 - Preparing the Way
1. "Who Needs a Husband Anyway?" - Women's heartache
2. "Reverse the Curse" - How did we get here?
3. "Searching in the Dark" - Author's testimony
4. "Simplicity of Faith" -Worship God, not His blessings

SECTION 2 - Practicing
5. "No Man Can Serve Two Masters" - Whom to serve?
6. "Active Submission" - The making of a leader
7. "Moments of Leadership" - Opportunities for leadership
8. "Chin Wagging" - Bossiness and the Seven Deadly C's
9. "Joy of Obedience" - Miracles start to happen

SECTION 3 - Growing
10. "The Blessing" - A husband's protective spiritual covering
11. "Alpha Behavior" - Dominant body language
12. "Mirroring" - Imitation builds respect
13. "Quiet Companionship" - The language of silenct presence

SECTION 4 - Going Deeper
14. "Two Steps Backward" - Failures become lessons
15. "Guilty as Charged" - True Guilt vs. False Guilt
16. "Suitable Helper" - What does "help" mean?
17. "As Unto the Lord" - Transformation

About the author:

Karen Haught is a Christian women's speaker and author, specializing in the very practical application of biblical principles for family life. Karen spent several decades in the corporate world before becoming certified as a biblical counselor.