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Author: Rick Horne


Godly Parenting of an Angry Teen

This is abook about transformation -- transformation, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, of an angry, defiant teen. More immediately, though, it's about transformation of that teen's fearful, exasperated, and hurting parents.

There is no silver bullet that will transform an angry teen into a respectful, responsible young adult. However, there is a God who can transform us, the way we parent, and the atmosphere we allow to develop in our home. This book draws parents' attention to their need to pursue and be satisfied with God's glory, which in turn allows them to seek change in their teenager's heart. It shows parents how to reestablish godly family leadership and helps them to find the joy of the Lord -- even if their teen doesn't change.


About the author:

Rick Horne, D. Min (Westminster Theological Seminary), M. Ed. (West Chester University), is Director of Guidance at Delaware Christian School, and the coordinator of the Graduate Concentration in School Guidance Counseling in the M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction major at Columbia International University. Rick has over thirty years experience in Christian school guidance and counseling. He and his wife Betty have been married thirty-nine years and have six children.


"This book opens up a whole new universe of parenting that finds its hpe and practical direction in the glory, presence, promises, and grace of God. When you rest in these things, you can weather the storm of dealing with a rebellious teenager while responding in radically new ways to the trouble that God alone is able to still." -- Paul David Tripp, President of Paul Tripp Ministries, pastor, author, international conference speaker

"Rick Horne has crafted a book full of solid biblical advice and firm compassion. He counsels us neither to neglect nor to be overwhelmed by our teens, but to confront their decisions and conduct with fairness and consistency. I highly recommend this for any parent who wants to apply God-honoring, biblical discipline when dealing with an angry teen." -- Rev. Dr. Don L. Davis, Director, The Urban Ministry Institute, Vice President of Leadership Development, World Impact, Inc.

"Rick Horne has provided a helpful resource for parents struggling with a defiant teen. Rooted in Scripture and informed by personal experience, he offers wise counsel that leads us to Christ for grace and moves us in skillful ways towards the person with whom we have conflict." -- Dr. Tim S. Lane, President, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation