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Author: Paul Tripp


Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies


We live in a world obsessed with finding it, passionate to enjoy it, and desperate to maintain it. Chief among such pleasures are sex and money—two pleasures unrivaled in their power to captivate our attention, demand our worship, and drive us to hide or to despair.

You don’t have to look far to see that we are in big trouble in both areas. Many of us see the battle. We feel the strain of the war. And we are eager for freedom in a world gone mad.

Seasoned counselor and pastor Paul David Tripp pulls back the curtain on the lies that surround us and on the distortions we often overlook. As Tripp thoughtfully exposes the insanity of our culture, he also wisely speaks to our own tendencies to fall prey to sexual and financial idolatry.

Sex and Money ultimately directs us to God’s Word and the liberating power of the gospel, offering real-world advice, and giving us the guidance we need to find true joy and enduring satisfaction.

Table of Contents:

1.  It's All Vertical: Exposition and Application of 2 Corinthians 5:14-21
2.  The Dangerous Dichotomy: Life can’t be divided into the spiritual and the secular
3.  Why Do You Do the Things You Do?: A practical theology of the heart
4.  The Highest Pleasure: When your relationship to sex and money isn't driven by the pleasure of God, it loses its shelter from danger
5.  Sex in the Beginning: Understanding God's plan.
6.  Sex and Worship: Sex always exposes the true worship of your heart
7.  Sex and Relationship: Sex divorced from relationship ceases to be the beautiful thing God designed
8.  We've Gone Insane!: An honest look at the sexual insanity that is everywhere around us

9.  Sex Made Right: Exposition of 1 Corinthians 6:12-20
10. Coming Out of Hiding: Sexual sin and Amazing grace
11. Money Matters: God has ordained for us to live in a world where money issues are inescapable, so it's not unspiritual to talk about and be concerned about money
12. Treasure Hunters: Exposition of Matthew 6:19-33
13. Money Is Not the Problem, Love Is: The heart behind our money problems
14. What Money Can't Buy: Money is never the doorway to a content and satisfied heart
15. Money and Eternity: The financial danger of living like this is all there is
16. Why Are You Living Like You're Poor?: The satisfying and liberating riches of the grace of Jesus

About the author:

Paul David Tripp is the president of Paul Tripp Ministries, a nonprofit organization, whose mission statement is "Connecting the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life." This mission leads Paul to weekly speaking engagements around the world. In addition to being a gifted communicator Paul is the Executive Director of the Center for Pastoral Life and Care in Fort Worth, Texas, and has taught at respected institutions worldwide. Paul has written a number of books on Christian Living that are read and distributed internationally, including Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands; War of Words; Broken Down House; and Whiter Than Snow. He has been married for many years to Luella and they have four grown children.


"I’ve come to count on Paul Tripp’s books being biblical, Christ-centered, deep, engaging, and well-written. Sex and Money is no exception. Its insights into our cultural idolatries and God’s transforming grace are priceless."  ~Randy Alcorn, Founder and Director, Eternal Perspective Ministries; author, If God Is Good and Heaven

"Sex and money. Are there any other subjects that occupy our thoughts more than these? Are there any other subjects that enslave our lives more than these? Paul Tripp provides insight into how we have turned these blessings from God into bondage and how a Godward perspective is the only way that they can be put back into their proper place in service to him. All who have struggled with these issues, which includes most everyone, will find practical, biblically grounded help in these pages."  ~Timothy Z. Witmer, Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary; author, The Shepherd Leader and The Shepherd Leader at Home

"Paul Tripp reaches out to those weighed down by the sexual insanity and rampant materialism of our day. With careful biblical teaching, grace, and gospel at the heart of his argument, Tripp explains that it is only when we recognize God as the unchallenged master of our hearts that everything else will be in its rightful place. As he writes, ‘The gospel is the only reliable diagnostic when it comes to sex and money, and because it provides the only reliable diagnostic, the gospel also races us with the only truly effective cure.’ This is a humble, hopeful, relevant book—a wonderful reminder that Jesus’s way truly is easy and his burden light. I highly recommend it."  ~Chris Brauns, author, Unpacking Forgiveness; Pastor, The Red Brick Church, Stillman Valley, Illinois

"I always benefit from Paul Tripp's relentless focus on how the posture and beliefs of our heart are the seat of our behavior. In Sex & Money, he has taken two of the greatest idols and unmasked them against the glorious gospel. If you really want to unseat the insanity and power of lust and materialism in your life, this book will take you to the one true solution—Jesus himself."  ~Jay S. Thomas, Lead Pastor, Chapel Hill Bible Church; co-author, Sex, Dating, and Relationships