Gospel Identity

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Authors: Serge 


Discovering Who You Really Are

Gospel Identity focuses on the transformation of Christians by the power of the gospel. This ten-session small group study guides participants (and leaders) to discover their need for Jesus, examine the blessings of their new identity in Christ, and explain how those gifts move us outward so others can also experience new life in Jesus. 


About the author:

Serge means “joining together rough edges to form a smooth seam.” Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission) is a ministry that sees God weaving together the ragged parts of a fallen world with his goodness, making the tattered beautiful. This grace compels his people to go, to join their lives with the communities Serge serves around the world, as Christ makes all things new. This is God’s grace at the fray. Serge’s work consists of sending and caring for missionaries, discipling people around the world, and developing resources—like Sonship and The Gospel-Centered Life—for spiritual growth.


"Many Christian resources focus either on biblical study to the neglect of deep personal life transformation or on life application based on a very flattened understanding of the gospel. Serge has drawn upon their history of rich gospel-based training to produce a series that targets real-life transformation grounded in a robust, grace-based theology. Only a resource saturated in the gospel can lead to the kind of meaningful life change promised to us in the Bible, and I am thrilled to see such a resource now available."  ~Rev. David H. Kim, Director of the Gotham Initiative, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC
"I love the series of small group resources, Gospel Identity, Gospel Growth, and Gospel Love. They are theologically rich, but not stuffy; practical, but not pragmatic. They are life-transforming resources that will be used to transform communities on mission with the gospel."  ~Scott Thomas, Pastor of Pastoral Development, The Journey Church

"Gospel Identity is a rich, interactive analysis of our deepest self in relation to the gospel.  The lessons are weighty and deep because the writers have a panoramic and majestic view of the gospel. Complex gospel content is brought into focus through several helpful charts and diagrams, which are obviously the fruit of years of gospel counseling.  This is not just gospel information; this is deep gospel application that is practical and specific, so that gospel encouragement translates into a lifestyle of witness and love. The participant is constantly encouraged toward gospel relationship with others and each section leads into individual and group prayer. The issue is identity, but the study doesn't stop at introspection. Gospel renewal leads to sharing the radical news of our union with Christ by faith and caring for those around us."  ~John Smed, Director, Prayer Current Ministries

"This study brings a powerful experience of gospel truth and a personal relationship with Jesus and all those that he has placed in your life. Using biblical truths, written to open the eyes of all hearts to sins, and full of challenges by the Holy Spirit to change and grow, this is the study you need. User-friendly, even for a first time leader, it is progressive, time-sensitive, and will invite the most timid participant into heart application. I highly recommend this to all who are committed to growing closer to God and being a gospel tool to help others."  ~Nancy Puryear, Women's ministry director (more than eleven years), Christ Community Church; cross-cultural counselor

"God used Jack Miller to help Christians, and pastors especially, to recover the gospel of Jesus Christ as the functional core of the Christian faith. Jack's famous line, 'Cheer up, you're worse off than you think,' re-opened the door to many of us with an invitation to drop the pretense of a good life and to admit and delight in our continuing, desperate need for Jesus. As a church planter and trainer of church planters, I have often wished for a concise series of Bible studies that would help churches to not only know this gospel of grace, but to experience it as well. That's precisely what this series of gospel studies offers. It is a great way to biblically and relationally ground Christians in the gospel of Jesus Christ and I heartily recommend it." ~John F. Thomas, PhD, Director of Global Training, Redeemer City to City 

"Identity issues sit at the very cross-hairs of the human heart. Every day, our sin, or unbelief, our fear (not to mention the world, the flesh and the devil) take aim at our sense of self. Gospel Identity, gets at the very roots of our mis-placed and mis-taken identity problems. This material offers a big Christ to our deepest fears and insecurities. And here's the best part: it doesn't leave you there. So much of the way that Americans have embraced the gospel is with self-obsession. But this curriculum moves the reader from finding identity in Christ into a world populated by other sinners and sufferers. As it says,  'A gospel identity is not just for us!'"  ~Geoff Bradford, Pastor, Christ the King Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC