BC512 Marriage and Family Counseling (Package for MALE students)

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This package contains the required texts needed for MALES for the Faith Seminary course BC512 Marriage and Family Counseling (Spring 2024).  The package price represents a 10% discount off the total of the items if they were ordered separately.

Included in this package are:

when-sinners-say-i-do-9780983099000.jpg     When Sinners Say "I Do"

marriage-divorce-and-remarriage-newheiser.jpg     Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage

exemp.jpg    The Exemplary Husband

preengage.jpg    Pre-Engagement: 5 Questions to Ask Yourselves

parenting.jpg   Parenting

If you already have some of the texts and wish to order items separately, you can click on the link for each item, and add it separately to your cart.