BC513 Advanced Counseling Issues Texts

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his package contains most of the required texts needed for the Faith Seminary course BC513 Advanced Counseling Issues (Summer 2020) taught by Dr. Garrett Higbee. The package price represents a 10% discount off the total of the items if they were ordered separately.

Included in this package are:

9781433534133-counsel-from-the-cross.jpg    Counsel from the Cross

9780875526065-addictions-banquet-in-the-grave.jpg    Addictions: A Banquet in the Grave

9781433672224-counseling-the-hard-cases.jpg   Counseling the Hard Cases

biblical-counseling-and-the-church-9780310520627.jpg    Biblical Counseling and the Church

do-ask-do-tell-lets-talk-9781941114117.jpg    Do Ask, Do Tell, Let's Talk

heart-of-domestic-abuse-9781936141272.jpg    Heart of Domestic Abuse

    Descriptions and Prescriptions

9781938267871-ptsd.jpg    PTSD: Healing for Bad Memories

9781938267833-redeeming-your-painful-past.jpg    Redeeming Your Painful Past

9780875526843-suffering.jpg    Suffering: Eternity Makes a Difference

9781935273769-sexualaddiction.jpg     Sexual Addiction

9780875526898-just-one-more.jpg     Just One More

     Grieving a Suicide

     I Just Want to Die

9781934885383-help-spouse-adultery.jpg     Help! My Spouse Committed Adultery

you-can-trust-god-9780891095712.jpg    You Can Trust God

9781935273622-bipolar-disorder.jpg     Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Help for Extreme Mood Swings


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