Do I Need Counseling?

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Author: Robert Jones


When and Where to Get Help

Are your personal or relational problems overwhelming you, negatively impacting your daily life or relationships? While all of us face the common pressures of living in a broken world, sometimes those challenges become too much to handle alone, and they hinder us from effectively functioning the way God designed. It could be that your normal avenues of informal one-another care from your church seem insufficient, and you need a trained counselor to help you. These are all times when you could benefit from focused help.

Counselor and pastor Robert D. Jones helps you evaluate what type of assistance you may need as you face a variety of challenges and guides you in better understanding what biblical counseling is and what key priorities biblical counselors pursue. He then guides you in where to look for biblical counseling and answers some common questions about the counseling process so that you can get the most benefit from it.

About the author:

Robert D. Jones, DTheol, DMin, serves as a biblical counseling professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, having previously served as a pastor in West Virginia and North Carolina, as well as a professor at Southeastern Seminary. Bob has written several books, including Uprooting Anger, Pursuing Peace, Anger: Calming Your Heart, and The Gospel for Disordered Lives (coauthored). His minibook titles include Restoring Your Broken Marriage, Single Parents, Freedom from Resentment, When Trouble Shows Up, Contentment, and Do I Need Counseling?