Do You Believe What God Says About You?

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Author: Stephen Viars


How a Right View of Your Identity in Christ Changes Everything

See Yourself Through God’s Eyes

Who are you? You carry your answer to that question around your home, community, workplace, and church. But how does your self-image compare to God’s perfect understanding of you?

In Do You Believe What God Says About You?, pastor and Christian counselor Stephen Viars encourages you to trade misgivings about your identity for the Bible’s life-changing affirmations of who you were made to be. You will let go of the painful thoughts and feelings that accompany a broken self-image; develop positive habits for your mind and body that empower you to daily put God’s truths about your worth into practice; and grow in your love for Jesus as you realize how His death, burial, and resurrection have eternally changed who you are able to be.

Perfect for personal use or group study, and an ideal resource for biblical counselors, this book offers 31 chapters that feature inspiring insights, practical illustrations, helpful journaling questions, and guided prayers that will help you define your identity as God does.


About the author:

Steve Viars is the Senior Pastor of Faith Church (Lafayette, IN);  ACBC Fellow and board member; Biblical Counseling Coalition board member; Vision Of Hope board member; instructor and counselor at Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries; married with three children; B.S., Bible, Baptist Bible College (Clarks Summit, PA); M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary; D.Min., Biblical Counseling, Westminster Theological Seminary.

He is the author of Putting Your Past in Its Place; Loving Your Community; Overcoming Bitterness; Do You Believe What God Says about You? as well as several other works.


“There are few counseling issues that do not circle back to the matter of our identity in Christ. Steve Viars has written the book I’ve been looking for that lays out clear, biblical truth about who we are. The format—31 brief, focused chapters—along with the personal reflections and group discussion questions make this usable in a variety of settings. Steve’s passion for God’s Word and God’s Word about us is evident in every chapter and every question. I will be commending this book for years to come.”  ~Jonathan D. Holmes, pastor of counseling, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, OH; executive director, Fieldstone Counseling

“Steve Viars brings his decades of experience as a pastor and a counselor in this wonderful 31-day resource. He weaves biblical exposition, sound theology, and practical application into an engaging narrative. The short, readable chapters make this a perfect tool for basic discipleship.”  ~Dr. Jim Newheiser, director of the Christian counseling program, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte, NC; executive director, IBCD (Institute for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship)

“Cultural expectations, worries, fears, and the unexpected traumatic tragedies of life leave their mark and tend to dramatically shape one’s identity. These shaping influences can harden into an inherently ungodly view of self. Steve has produced a helpful 31-day study for a redefined and biblical view of self. If you are a believer in Christ and are battling debilitating thoughts, you need to carefully read this book. It will give you the guidance to view yourself correctly from God’s perspective!”  ~Dr. John D. Street, graduate professor, The Master’s University and Seminary; president, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors

“This is a timely and creative discipleship tool for a culture confused about personal identity in ways that lead to personal and cultural devastation. Learn from biblical truths as they are applied by a diverse group of believers who wrestle with identity problems, and discover how believing what God says about you can set you free!”  ~Dr. A. Charles Ware, executive director of Grace Relations; professor

“God has a vantage point on your identity. His Word speaks clearly about who you are and what you should believe. This wonderful book challenges and rearranges our thinking about ourselves around Scripture. It offers a superb primer for new believers and a marvelous refresher for older saints.”  ~Deepak Reju, PhD, pastor of biblical counseling and family ministry, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, DC

“As a follower of God, it is important to know who you are through the eyes of God. Steve has put together helpful insights to guide you into that reality.”  ~Dr. Nicolas Ellen, president, Expository Counseling Training Center

“In a day when ‘what think about me’ seems supreme, Steve tells me not only what God thinks about me, but how embracing God’s thoughts about me transforms me. Steve provides 31 practical, theologically anchored descriptions of a believer’s identity in Christ, each marked by careful biblical exposition and meaningful life application. Plus, the conversations among his book characters add enjoyment to each chapter.”  ~Robert D. Jones, DMin, DTheol, biblical counseling professor, Southern Seminary, Louisville, KY

“As a careful student of the Bible, a seasoned pastor, and a wise counselor, Steve has penned one of the most unique and helpful books I’ve read in a long time. His creative style and conversational tone, presented through a small-group setting, engage the reader and make vital biblical teaching come alive in a winsome and life-transforming way. I commend this book with enthusiasm.”  ~Paul Tautges, senior pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Mayfield Heights, OH; author, Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace

“With so much confusion about identity, Steve helps us to see this is an issue of faith. Will we believe what God says about us, or the ever-changing narrative of our feelings and our culture? This 31-day resource keeps you face to face with God’s truthful declarations about you so that you may see the person you really are.“  ~T. Dale Johnson, Jr, PhD, executive director, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors; associate professor of biblical counseling, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO