From Forgiven to Forgiving

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Author: Jay Adams


Learning to Forgive One Another God's Way.

What do the following statements about forgiveness have in common?

- Forgiveness is obtained through apologizing.
- The best thing you can do is "forgive and forget."
- You aren't forgiven until you feel forgiven.
- Even if someone hasn't asked for forgiveness, you can still forgive them.

These statements all represent popular misconceptions about true biblical forgiveness. Because forgiveness plays such a major role in our relationships with other people, it's critical to have a clear idea of God's plan for forgiving and being forgiven. Distortions in His plan can lead to twisted thinking and further pain for those struggling with forgiveness issues.

In this book, Dr. Jay Adams carefully explores all dimensions of the process of forgiveness. He can help you understand biblical forgiveness from beginning to end, and apply that understanding to everyday situations ranging from forgiving your straying spouse or prodigal child - and being forgiven by them as well.

If you have experienced the incredible power of God's forgiveness in your life, read this book and see how forgiveness' power can change your life as you relate to others.

About the author:

Jay Adams (1929-2020) was a noted author, speaker, pastor and professor; he served as a president of ACBC; was devoted to his wife, four children and ten grandchildren; A.B., Greek, Johns Hopkins University; B.D., Reformed Episcopal Seminary; S.T.M., Homiletics, Temple University School of Theology; post-graduate work at Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary; Ph.D., University of Missouri; Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Psychology, University of Illinois.