Gospel-Centered Family Counseling

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Author: Robert Kellemen


An Equipping Guide for Pastors and Counselors

You can help hurting families restore love, trust, and harmony

Hurting families need practical help that acknowledges the realities of modern life without neglecting biblical principles. This user-friendly how-to manual provides that, enabling pastors and biblical counselors to competently and compassionately relate God's Word to specific situations in family counseling sessions.


About the author:

Robert W. Kellemen, PhD, served as the founding executive director of the Biblical Counseling Coalition and has pastored four churches. He is the author of over twenty books, including Grief: Walking with Jesus; Gospel-Centered Counseling; Gospel Conversations; Gospel-Centered Marriage Counseling; and Gospel-Centered Family Counseling.


"Bob Kellemen has made a significant contribution to the field of gospel-centered family counseling in his latest book. Readers will encounter a work that is both thorough and comprehensive, biblical and user-friendly. Bob possesses an inimitable ability to take big concepts and principles and organize them in memorable ways, and Gospel-Centered Family Counseling embodies this well. I have no doubt that this work will become a go-to reference for ministry leaders and counselors for years to come."  ~Jonathan D. Holmes, executive director, Fieldstone Counseling; author of Counsel for Couples: A Biblical and Practical Guide for Marriage Counseling

"As I read Gospel-Centered Family Counseling, I was struck yet again by the thoroughness of Scripture for approaching counseling issues in wise and winsome ways, especially the crucial topic of the Christian family. Bob has put together a thorough, well-organized, biblical counseling strategy for equipping us to help families live God-honoring lives. This realistic yet hopeful approach also oozes with the compassion of Christ as counselors learn to minister to saints, sufferers, and sinners whose family relationships have been impacted by the fall. I will use it in our ministries at our church and recommend it at the schools where I teach. Thank you, Bob!"  ~Dr. Ernie Baker, pastor of counseling, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville; chair of the online BA in biblical counseling at The Master's University; author of Marry Wisely, Marry Well

"Having spent over twenty years as a biblical counselor, I've often wondered why our movement has written so little on the subject of family counseling. My experience is that most biblical counselors are just not well trained in navigating the complexities of whole-family counsel. Having been trained in family therapy, I have a deep appreciation for Bob Kellemen's inclusion of both parents and their children in the family counseling process. Gospel-Centered Family Counseling is theologically robust, philosophically refreshing, and methodologically rich. I highly recommend it to those counseling families and those training caregivers to work with parents and families."  ~Dr. Garrett Higbee, director of pastoral care for the Great Commission Collective; founding board member for the Biblical Counseling Coalition

"In this training manual for pastors and counselors, Dr. Bob Kellemen draws on his many years of family counseling to provide us with a sharpening tool. The counseling questions in this book are as good as the sage wisdom provided! I served on a church staff with Bob and have observed his counseling care and insight firsthand. There are few more qualified to train us, and this book will equip both new and veteran caregivers in the care of souls, families, and the church."  ~Steve DeWitt, senior pastor of Bethel Church; author of Eyes Wide Open: Enjoying God in Everything

"In Gospel-Centered Family Counseling, Dr. Bob Kellemen provides outstanding help for biblical counselors, pastors, lay leaders, and students working with and ministering to families. This is a biblical and extremely practical equipping resource I will refer to regularly as I seek to become a better and better family counselor."  ~Dr. Amy Baker, editor of Caring for the Souls of Children: A Biblical Counselor's Manual

"I was taught throughout Gospel-Centered Family Counseling, and it gave me scriptural insights and biblical wisdom for family and marriage mission statements. Bob is a wise mentor in this book and in life. As he sits next to you, he will not expect counseling perfection. He will gently equip you to help families and guide you in humility, prayer, and confidence in the Lord and his Word."  ~Dr. Ed Welch, counselor and faculty, CCEF; author of Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love