Helping Children with Body Image

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Author: Jocelyn Wallace


Teaching Them to See What God Sees

The world is streaming messages to children about what makes them valuableChildren learn early from TV, media, friends, and classmates that if they don’t have the right size, weight,  strengthand appearance, something is wrong with them.  

Children struggling with shame or discomfort about their bodies feel tremendous pain. They don’t feel normal or accepted, and their world is often cruel and judgmental. Counselor Jocelyn Wallace helps parents and caregivers give comfort to children who are hurting and confused about the false messages they have believed about their bodies. By unpacking the truths of Scripture, parents can help children see and understand the character of their loving Creator God, who designed them with care and accepts them unconditionally. As they turn to Christ in their struggle, they can be comforted by his care and love and even learn to reach out in love to others who are struggling.  

The struggle to live in a world that places such heavy emphasis on outward beauty and strength will not disappear, but its damaging messages can be better discerned and rejected in the context of a relationship with God that is genuine and never faltering. 

About the author:

Jocelyn Wallace is a certified biblical counselor, teacher, and conference speaker and has served as the director of both a women's transitional home and a faith-based residential treatment center for girls. She is the author of the minibooks Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Trusting God When You Are Afraid and Helping Children with Body Image. Jocelyn and her husband, Brian, have two daughters.