My Baby Has a Disability

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Author: Shauna Amick


Life-Giving Questions and Answers

Your world has just been rocked with news that the baby you’re expecting has been diagnosed with a significant disability. All of the hopes and plans you have for this baby are crumbling around you.

Fears and questions are rising to take their place. What will life look like with this child? How am I going to care for him or her? How could God let this happen?

Shauna Amick walks you through her own story of having a child prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. She recounts the enormous questions and fears she wrestled with and the process of how God showed her that each child has a one-of-a-kind purpose and has been uniquely formed in his image.

Shauna invites you to dream new dreams of how God wants to display his glory in your child’s life and in yours. Jesus’s love is your anchor now; his ever-present help in trouble will hold you and your child steady now and in the years to come.

About the author:

Shauna Amick’s passion for the value of every human life was deeply solidified when her third child was diagnosed with Down syndrome and a near fatal heart defect. As a speaker, author, and disability rights advocate, Shauna shares the gift of viewing life’s challenges through the lens of God’s Word. She serves as the Director of Radio Ministries for Joni and Friends.