Keeping Your Cool

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Author: Lou Priolo


A Teen's Survival Guide

If you are a teenager, you probably know plenty about issues like arguing with your parents, rebelling against authority, and attitude problems—either firsthand or because everyone expects you to be like that!

But what if you knew that these things usually spring from a problem with anger; that they're the result of being a sinner, not a teenager; and that you can have more control over them than people think you can?

Biblical counselor Lou Priolo provides a practical, understandable, and biblical approach to mastering sinful anger and its causes and effects. He helps you to assess your level of anger and what form it takes, to identify some of the heart issues that lead to anger (and how to replace them with biblical attitudes), and to have open communication with your parents without the distractions that cause arguments.

Practical tools, such as journaling exercises and discussion points to talk over with your parents, help you to take measurable steps toward “keeping your cool.”


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“Refreshingly and doggedly biblical.  With a thoroughly gospel-centered approach, [Lou] helps young people to confront sin head on and move toward finding both grace and change by the power of God’s Word and Spirit, while remaining intensely practical and concrete.” —Jon Nielson, college pastor, College Church, Wheaton, Illinois

“Being a teenager is hard. Finally help is in print! Lou Priolo shows what teenage anger is and where it comes from. Open these pages and you will find hope, encouragement and the Savior.” —Rick Holland, cofounder of the Resolved and Anchored youth conferences