Biblical Counseling Observation - 10 Digital Videos (2024)

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NOTE: These videos are approved by ACBC to be used for the Phase 1 observation requirement.

Counseling is personal. There is only so much you can learn in a lecture. Once one absorbs the content of the lecture there remains the challenge of ministering God’s truth in a wise way to a hurting person. The best training occurs as an experienced counselor allows a trainee to watch, then participate, then lead. We realize this ideal is not always possible. Since so many were helped starting in 2003 when our first set of observations videos came out, we decided that the Lord might be honored with another set.

These eleven videos are not ends in themselves. Watch them, think about what you saw, and evaluate. Care about the case details, but widen your gaze to see the larger process elements involved. As you do, we hope that the Lord encourages and strengthens you for this wonderful opportunity to minister his sufficient Word to hurting souls.

Dr. Steve Viars counsels “Josh and Selena” struggling in their marriage. Hurts from prior relationships continue to influence their present. They are concerned that angry responses and a bitter heart will result in more chaos. Will this be another broken marriage?

Dr. Amy Baker counsels “Ella.” Ella developed an emotional relationship with a co-worker. Before she had opportunity to confess it to her husband, he died suddenly. She is now consumed with guilt. How can she move forward?

Dr. Rob Green counsels “Addison.” Addison struggles with pornography. He also endured significant suffering with his health that continues to influence his present. At the same time, Addison is not the most receptive counselee. How can we minister to resistant counselees while also caring well for them?

Dr. Charlie Hodges counsels “Ashish.” Ashish says he is depressed. What does it look like to help a person in this life situation?