Biblical Counseling Observation - 10 Digital Videos (2003)

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Author: Faith Church

10 Digital Videos


This training series offers the opportunity for an individual or group to observe 10 counseling sessions led by four seasoned biblical counselors. These four counselors, with the combined experience of more than 110 years of active biblical counseling, provide an instructive window into the planning, process, and the practice of the biblical counselor.

Randy Patten counsels "Trey and Deb," a young couple with no children struggling in their communication, finances, and other common marriage problems. These first, second, and "graduation" sessions depict a process of how to get started and conclude a counseling case effectively.

Dr. Steve Viars counsels "Andy & Julie," a couple with three children who has not been communicating or solving problems. These seventh and eighth counseling sessions with "Andy and Julie" focus on the counselor's critical task of addressing and dealing with heart issues.

Dr. Amy Baker disciples "Annie," a single woman in her twenties frustrated with her life because she is not married. These first and second sessions portray how a biblical counselor can gather data, gain involvement, give hope, and use homework to implement God-honoring change.

Dr. Bob Smith counsels "Doug & Karen," a married couple seeking counsel because of her medical situation and their failing marriage. These first, second, and sixth sessions depict how a biblical counselor, even without medical training, can bring great hope and help to those struggling with medical issues.

Also included with this product are a welcome and instruction letter and PDF files of the counselor diagrams for several of the sessions.