Redeeming Memory

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Author: Matt Rehrer, M.D.


How God Transforms Memories from a Heavy Burden to a Blessed Hope

Redeeming Memory is about memory and what the Bible has to say about it. This book examines how God transforms memories from a heavy burden to a blessed hope.

Memory plays an important role in the Christian life both in its proper function but also in its corruption. This book is written for Christians who suffer knowingly or unknowingly from the heavy burdens of memory. These burdens, like bitterness or shame, afflict you with seemingly endless reverberations in your thoughts. Do you ever wonder if the vicious cycle will ever end? Will the repeating loops ever be broken? Perhaps you are like the author and did not recognize the influence of memory in these unrelenting miseries. This book examines memory through the prism of the gospel to find hope in the midst of misery. Through God’s redemptive plan, memory transforms from a millstone to a milestone. God removes the burdens of memory and enlivens hope in His redemption.

About the author:

Matt Rehrer married his wife, Kara, in 2004. They moved to Texas for Matt to attend Baylor College of Medicine. After graduating in 2008, Matt and Kara moved to California for residency. After four years of training, Matt now practices as an emergency medicine physician in the Bay Area. He also serves on staff and as an elder at NorthCreek Church.


I am pleased to commend Dr. Matt Rehrer’s work on memory which is the first of its kind that I can recall to mind.  ~Jonathan D. Holmes: Executive Director, Fieldstone Counseling; Pastor of Counseling, Parkside Church Green

I am most thankful for Rehrer’s work on this most important topic as it comprehensively covers this vital truth both theologically and practically. It is a deep and insightful dive into what will change your life.  ~Abner Chou: Interim President and John F. MacArthur Endowed Fellow, The Master’s University

Out of the crucible of great personal loss, Matthew Rehrer has given us a great gift. Most of us have experiences that we wish we could forget. This book tells us from Scripture how God intends to use those memories for our good and His glory. I recommend this book to those who want to know what the Bible says about God’s great gift of our memories.  ~Charles D. Hodges, Jr, MD: Executive Director, Vision of Hope; Family Physician; author of Good Mood, Bad Mood