James and His Weird Mad

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Author: Kelli Dionne


God's Hope for Children of Divorce

Divorce is a painful, difficult, and confusing situation for children. Adult decisions and choices are made, and children are swept into circumstances that they would not choose for themselves. Sadly, this suffering is becoming common this side of heaven, even in God’s church. This book shows children that the God of the Bible is the one that they need with this kind of suffering. It isn’t intended to solve every problem or answer every question, but through the eyes and ears of a young boy, children can learn that God really does care about the pain and has the answers in His word. The book presents an opportunity to have continued conversations about the sovereignty, compassion, faithfulness, and power of God with children who are angry, sad, and confused about drastic changes taking place in their families.

About the author:

Kelli Dionne has been certified with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors since 2013, and received her Master's in Biblical Counseling in 2020. She and her husband Dan have 3 children.


Kelli Dionne has written a wonderfully helpful book for children whose parents are going through a divorce.  I don't know of anything like it and will highly recommend it and use it in my counseling ministry.  ~Martha Peace, Biblical Counselor and author of The Excellent Wife; The Faith Parent; and many other biblical resources.

Children of divorce face hardships and emotions that are very difficult for little hearts to grasp.  They do not posses an understanding of why adults would make bad choices; neither do they know what to do about it.  Kelli Dionne's James and His Weird Mad helps children (and the adults who counsel them) understand their feelings and teaches them to turn to God in trust and obedience during the hurtful times.  ~Jim Berg, DMin, Professor of Biblical Counseling, BJU Seminary; Founder, Freedom That Lasts; and author of Changed into His Image and Quieting a Noisy Soul.

This book is a much-needed resource which will help an important segment of our community, children affected by divorce.  Kelli Dionne's experience and strong biblical beliefs have created a book which should be a part of every church library and counseling center.  ~ Caroline Newheiser, MACC Reformed Theological Seminary - Charlotte, Assistant Coordinator of Women's Counseling at RTX-C, and author of When Words Matter Most.

I am regularly asked if our bookstore has materials written on a child's level to help kids in difficult situations.  This book is written to connect with children whose parents divorce.  In this excellent book, Kelli has provided a resource to directly help the kids, not just the adults who are helping the kids.  I highly recommend it.  ~ Amy Baker, Ph.D.; Biblical Counselor; author of Pictures Perfect; editor of Caring for the Souls of Children and other works.