Keys to Successful Stepfamilies

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Authors: Jeff & Amy Baker

A workbook to be used either by individuals doing self-study or in conjunction with the associated leader's guide for group study.

Chapters Include: 

  • More Precious than Rubies - Laying the Foundation for Successful Blended Families
  • We're On a Roll - Defining Roles Within the Stepfamily
  • Let's Be One Big Happy Family - Relationships with the Children
  • Don't Tell Me What to Do. You're Not My Dad. - Managing the Family when the Family Consists of a Biological Parent and a Stepparent
  • Bridging the Divide Between Households - Relationships with the Former Spouse
  • Especially for the Children - Issues to Be Addressed in Helping the Children

Each chapter includes case studies or "How Would You Solve This Problem?" sections to show how to put the material into practice.

About the authors: 

Jeff Baker teaches an Adult Bible Fellowship at Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana and has also served as a deacon.

Amy Baker is Ministry Resource Director at Faith Church (Lafayette, IN); ACBC certified; Biblical Counseling Coalition council board member; instructor and counselor at Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries; Vision of Hope residential treatment center board member; B.A., Psychology, Hanover College; Ph.D., Organizational Psychology, Purdue University.

She is the author of Getting to the Heart of FriendshipsPicture PerfectRelief without CuttingManaging Your Emotions; and several other works.  She is the editor of Caring for the Souls of Children.